Expert commercial air conditioning for government & councils

We recognise the diverse requirements of Government agencies, which is why we tailor our services to you.

Our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians work closely with you at every stage, from installation to continued maintenance, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We have the knowledge and experience needed for projects of all sizes, working to Government compliance requirements, on time and on budget.

MAINair recognises that energy efficiency and cost reduction are among the most important considerations for Government agencies, MAINair has long been instrumental in providing innovative and tailored HVAC solutions to Council and Government buildings.

All MAINair site based employees have the relevant clearances and immunisations required to work in the Government & Council sector.

Our systems are bespoke, designed for your building with a full range of services offered, including heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
Commercial air conditioning ducts installation South Australia

Our solutions for government

  • Preventative and reactive maintenance + 24/7 Support
  • Staff security clearances and safety compliances
  • Cost reductions through improved system efficiencies
  • Commitment to reducing the environment impact of work activities
  • Asset management -  lifecycle, quotes, invoices and reporting
  • ISO & AS accreditations in Safety, Environment and Quality
  • Proudly SA owned and operated

Included with our installation and maintenance services is access to our online client portal. MAINair works to maximise customer care and optimise our performance on site using our digital asset management system.

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Our Covid-19 Response

MAINair is working closely with our client-base to develop and manage a tactical COVID-19 mitigation plan. We continue to monitor and follow the Government health advisories to maintain high safety standards.

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Our solutions and actions

Whether you’re looking to reduce energy consumption, optimise system performance or meet regulatory compliance requirements, MAINair has the company expertise and experience needed to support your needs.